Interpreters for every kind of event

Our interpreters are members of associations such as AIIC (The International Association of Conference Interpreters) and APIC (Brazilian Association of Conference Interpreters).

Your specific service requirements receive our full attention.

Languages: Services are provided according to your needs in the more widely used languages, as well as so-called “exotic” languages, including Japanese, Russian and Mandarin, among others.

Location: We serve you in your city. If a team is not available on site, our interpreters go to your location.

Jargon: By studying material provided and researching terms both on the internet and in specialized dictionaries, our team of interpreters adds to its already extensive knowledge of specific usage in your field of expertise. Based on your literature and material, we are able to write and speak in language that you use.

Interpreters for training programs, conventions and conferences

Our team of qualified interpreters offers simultaneous translation services for conventions, conferences and training programs of any kind. Our interpreters sit in sound proof booths, hear the presentations through headphones and then interpret into the participants’ language. The listeners hear the translation through headsets. Interpreters may work alone in simultaneous translation for up to one hour of actual translation, ensuring quality translation services. For longer events, it is necessary to hire two interpreters who translate in turn. Every half hour, the translator who is actively translating stops and takes on a supportive role, researching vocabulary if needed and being on hand for assistance, while the other interprets.

Visits, interviews and meetings

Whenever translation is needed on these occasions, our interpreters may do consecutive interpreting. The interpreter is positioned next to the speaker and takes notes of what is being said, providing a rendition of the translation in the participants’ language in consecutive mode. This normally does not require the use of equipment. An interpreter may work alone in this mode for up to two hours. Otherwise, two interpreters are needed.

Press conferences

On these occasions, our interpreters may work in simultaneous or consecutive mode, as well as translate questions by the press.

Broadcasts (satellite, TV, webcasts)

Our experienced interpreters translate television and internet broadcasts with professional mastery and confidence.

Narration and Master of Ceremonies

Since our interpreters are practiced speakers on a wide range of subjects, they are able to narrate videos and audio files as well as perform as Master of Ceremonies in a number of languages.

Translation of manuals, articles and texts

We have considerable experience in translating technical material, using accurate technical and field specific terminology and adhering to your deadline.

Audio and video transcription

Film, audio and video transcription and translation from and into any language.

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