Reliable simultaneous translation

Communication is key to growth and opportunities for all. It brings together people, businesses and countries, breaking down barriers and creating close ties of cooperation. In a globalised society, communication between different cultures is even more pressing.

Marilia Rebello & Associados provides perfect communication between different languages, including the so-called “exotic” languages, to help you make the most of your investments and working relationships.

Here you will find complete translation and interpreting solutions for your business.

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    Cúpula Empresarial Brasil-Estados Unidos com participação do Presidente Barak Obama – Brasília - 19 de março de 2011 Marilia Rebello no lançamento do filme Chamada de Emergência Filme SAP, interpretes, New York, 2014 Coletiva de Seguranca Copa do Mundo - World Cup Press Conference, 2014 Cafu, Lançamento da bola Brazuca - 2013