the way we work

Interpreting Guidelines

  • Our working day includes up to six hours total of active translation, for example, from 9:00am-12noon and 2:00-5:00pm. If that total is exceeded, 25% of the daily interpreting rate is charged for each additional hour or fraction thereof.
  • Interpreting teams normally consist of two interpreters for each language combination for the six-hour period.
  • During short events – up to one hour in simultaneous translation mode or two hours in consecutive – interpreters may work alone. In this case, a fee is added to the standard daily rate per interpreter.
  • Factors that contribute to excellence in interpreting:

• access to event materials in advance;
• copies of the presentations, preferably digital files;
• contact with the speakers before the beginning of the event;
• twell ventilated translation booths with good visibility;
for consecutive mode, the interpreter must be placed in close proximity to the speaker and have a clip-on LAPEL microphone as well as a chair, small desk or other on which to place a notepad. Please contact us for details.

Written translation

  • Quotes for written translation are based on the word processor wordcount of the original text document.
  • The finished material will be in Word format unless the original is an Excel or PowerPoint file and you wish to have it in the same format. Acrobat (PDF) files will be submitted as Word documents.
  • For translations of film or audio files provided without a script, we will first need to transcribe the audio. The quote will include the transcription, based on the number of minutes taken, and the translation based on the number of words transcribed.

  • Galeria

    2º Congresso da Conferência Mundial de Justiça Constitucional – Rio - 18 de janeiro de 2009 Jornal O Globo - Sérgio Cabral Regata Clipper, 10 de setembro de 2011 Rede dos povos aborígenes na Rio+20 Noé - O Filme - Noah, 2014 BID Assembleia de Governadores - IDB, Washington DC, 2014